About the Designer

Kendria is a self-guided metalsmith, lapidarist. She combines her skills and passion for art to produce exceptional works to invoke confidence & pride in its wearers. She feels an immense sense of tranquility in being able to take raw elements and turn them into wearable art or decor and has been doing so since she was a child.


Solid Treasures was born in 2012 in Richmond, VA. She has brought her passion to Tucson, San Diego, and now Orlando. Starting off, Kendria sold beaded work and wire work. It was in 2015 when she decided to learn the art of metalsmithing, and it has been a steady passion ever since. She favors one-of-a-kind, hand-fabricated pieces, but also incorporates casted work using her own designs.

Click here to check out her 2022 interview with Courtney Gray from Rio Grande’s For the Love of Jewelers podcast. Kendria discusses what it’s like to wear several hats as a mom, entrepreneur, artist, and advocate.

 Photo of me smiling with teeth showing, my locs are pinned back on the top of my head with the rest of my hair down. I'm wearing a turquoise fist necklace, a purple loose sleeve shirt, silver hoops against a eggshell-colored background