Jewelry Care

Be a responsible jewelry owner!

  • Keep your jewelry dry. Moisture tarnishes your metal jewelry
  • Some metals tarnish quicker than others, such as brass. It's best to store treasures in an air-tight container, but any type of jewelry box/bag will help slow the natural tarnishing process.
  • Don’t use harsh jewelry cleaners. A polishing cloth or soft rag will do a fantastic job cleaning your precious treasures.
  • Be sure to put jewelry on after you’ve applied make ups, perfumes, and lotions.
  • Don’t wear clothing that your jewelry could possibly catch on to, it could ruin your clothes and especially your jewels.


All of the treasures I make are made to last if taken care of. To sum it it, be careful with your jewelry and use common sense when wearing. ;) Please note that some treasures may be more or less delicate than others. All jewelry needs to be taken care of properly to ensure they last forever.