Metalsmiths for Change Fundraiser Illustration (Free Coloring Page)

Now that I've completed presale treasures, it's time to put Metalsmiths for Change high on the priority list. This illustration was created especially for an upcoming MFC fundraiser. Featured pins in the image were real pins made by Claire Ashby and Taylor Saleem. In this collaborative effort, artists are tasked to create a brooch/pin to bring awareness to Black healthcare disparities with an emphasis on mental health. We are also bringing awareness to the power of voting. These pieces will then be auctioned on Instagram @metalsmithsforchange between Feb 27 - Mar 7.
Visit to sign up or for more information.
Metalsmiths for Change Fundraiser Coloring Page
 Metalsmiths for Change Fundraiser Coloring Page
 Gold lined illustration with black background

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