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Text Only GIF

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Hello Fellow Maker,

I'm here to create illustrations that you can use for your marketing and branding! If you would like to incorporate your logo into  simple text sticker, please send a nice quality using the form below.




1. Animated GIF of your word or phrase in your choice

    • After purchasing, I will be in contact with you to design your illustration(s).

2. Direct links & media links to your GIF

3. Embed code for use on your website or blog 

Additional Information

  • Current turnaround time for illustrations: 2 weeks
  • GIPHY has the power to approve or deny a GIF within two weeks from submission. If a gif does not get approved, a $10 refund will be given.
  • Upon completion of your illustration(s), I will send an email with package contents and instructional information for using your files and GIFS.


Click here to see my published GIFs on GIPHY.