PSA Regarding Order Statuses

Most pre-sales are still scheduled to go out AFTER August 1st. I have luckily been able to get 50+ orders out from working many hours at my bench early mornings and nights.

After the highly unexpected surge of orders earlier this month, I’ve had to research the best options to get these to everyone since making each from start to finish is literally impossible for me to do. Several components for pre-sales will get casted so that I can efficiently fulfill all of your orders.

Please be patience while I am trying my best to stay organized, which quite honestly isn’t my strong suit after averaging around 5 orders a month for the past 2 years. Now I have 450. Yes. 450 orders that scream support!

Part of my job is to respond to emails and such. Having to respond to emails asking about order updates for pre-sales takes time away from the much needed work that I could be doing. While I appreciate and equally share everyone’s enthusiasm, I stress to you all to please be patient.

Non pre-sale treasures are also being sorted.

If you have questions that were not addressed, email me at, but please refrain from inquiring about an order update if you have no received tracking information yet.

Thank you for your support and understanding!!


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