Product/Order Updates

Orders that were scheduled to ship after August 1st are still in production and will take several weeks to complete as I await casts to return. 

Thank you for continuing to show me support and love through comments, reshares, and purchases. Previously, I had updated everyone about pieces getting casted. All pre-sale treasures are in the process of being casted. This includes all lapel pins, Know Justice Know Peace Necklace, and the fist necklace.

The original fist and BLM fist were not suitable for casting, and adjustments had to be made, which resulted in an improved design and BLM pieces that match! I was able to get my original graphic design of my BLM lapel pins and fist pins 3D printed and casted. These are casted in sterling silver, without the nickel pins on the backs. I solder those on myself and finish them, which takes time to complete each one as they have to be filed on all sides, polished, and about 10 other steps in between.

I had a customer ask for a refund because they "just don’t feel the perfect stamped one". If this is your preference, you have supported these particular pieces for the wrong reasons, and I will gladly grant you a refund. This is not the support that is needed right now.

I'm thrilled to have received these particular castings, and I am VERY proud to be able to send these out into the world! These are the only casts I have for now, but I will be receiving my casts for fists and BLM pieces this week. I continue this work in hopes that everyone understands that by purchasing one of these pieces, you support me, my art, my family, and the Black community.

I appreciate your patience as I am a one-woman show, trying my best to get orders out as timely as one human can. June 1st orders will be out the door first! I am unable to give any further updates for these orders at this time. The more emails I receive, the slower the process is. Your patience is truly appreciated as I tackle nearly 500 orders!

Thank you for your support and understanding. This work is worthless without it.



Amanda Gervais

I am happy to wait. I am honored to support you. I wish i lived closer so i could volunteer to help polish and file.
Sincerely, your shy anti-racist white insta-friend from overwhelmingly white Vermont with treasured black family members.

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