Custom Illustrations for Makers

Custom Illustrations for Makers






DM me on Instagram @doodletreasures or email me at Send a photo of your artwork you would like illustrated.


Vector Illustrations

I offer vector illustrations starting at $25. This includes one pdf file on a transparent background and one jpg file on a colored background.



GIFs for returning clients or those who already have a branding account with GIPHY start at $25. You will receive an email of your GIF to upload yourself or grant me access to upload it for you.

GIFs for new clients start at $100. Clients receive 5 GIFs and the PDF files for the illustrations.


How can I use GIFs?

GIFs are uploaded through Clients must have an email address with your business domain to be eligible to have GIF’s distributed and searchable throughout the GIPHY platform and anywhere else that integrates GIPHY (ex - IG stories). GIFs can also be embedded onto websites.

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